Book Development

Manuscript Review with One Coaching Session

This service includes a complete read through of your entire manuscript, plus a one-hour coaching session. Coaching explores target audience, writing strategies, and discusses next steps in your book development process.

Typical Investment for a 40,000-word book is $750

Manuscript review can also be purchased separately and can include a 3-5 page critique addressing various themes, features and elements present in your manuscript.

Developmental Editing

Eliminate major issues by taking your manuscript through a developmental edit. This type of edit addresses a number of content development topics including: ​​

  • Effectiveness of writing style and flow of ideas
  • Organization of concepts and topics
  • Depth of content coverage
  • Clarity in relaying key messages or thoughts
  • Content accuracy and currency
  • Gaps in story or vague explanations
  • Inadequate research

A developmental edit resolves issues that may prevent you from effectively inspiring your ideal readers. Edits are made in the text and it usually involves 2-3 rounds of editing.

Typical investment for a 40,000-word book is $1,200


Polish your prose with a thorough grammar and language check, which includes correcting errors in sentence structure, syntax, tense, word use, hyphenation, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. Copyediting also addresses awkward or unclear phrasing, wordiness, rambling, inaccurate assumptions, racial generalizations, redundancy, clichés, obscure wording, and excessive adverb use. *

*Research and reference checks are available for an additional fee.

Typical investment for a 40,000-word book is $800

Proofreading with layout and cover design (hardcover, paperback, and e-book)

Finalize your manuscript with a precise proofread, a professional cover, and a high-quality layout design for your book.

Typical Investment for a 40,000-word book varies.

*Proofreading can be ordered separately from design.

Personalized Coaching

Coaching sessions help authors solve problems and develop plans or templates to improve their writing or publishing process. Coaching covers a wide range of areas including:

  • Goal setting and getting started
  • Chapter development and outline walk through
  • Choosing a publisher
  • Repackaging an old book
  • Evaluating and incorporating audience feedback
  • Book proposal review
  • Problems with art and permissions
  • Self-publishing platforms and strategies
  • Help with pitching, selling and pricing

Sessions can be purchased individually, packaged into an individualized coaching program, or combined with other services for a custom publishing package.

Investment: $99 per one-hour session

All-in-One Editorial Package

This all-in-one service combines developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, coaching (marketing plus advertising), and layout with cover design into a packaged rate. Typical investment for a 40,000-word book varies.

B2B Services

Cultural Sensitivity/Awareness Review

A comprehensive publications review of marketing materials, social media, books, pamphlets and websites. Cultural insensitivity and racially offensive content will be identified and a strategy for addressing and implementing improvements will be provided.

Typical Investment: Varies

Author Productivity Tools and Guides

Become a more productive writer and plan out your entire writing process from concept to launch. The Social Media Planning Kit, the Author Productivity Bundle, and my 227 Questions for working with creatives are all available at my digital store. Also, available is the Literary Child Writing Skills Bundle, which was created to help parents incorporate reading and writing into their children's daily lives. Check the store regularly for new products!
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