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Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes on your manuscript, or a better marketing approach, we’ll help you develop your manuscript and define your content strategy. 

Book Development

Developmental editing:

Eliminate major issues by taking your manuscript through a developmental edit. This type of edit examines five main areas of development: 

  • Effectiveness of writing style

  • Organization of concepts and topics

  • Depth of content coverage

  • Clarity in relaying key messages or thoughts

  • Content accuracy and currency 

A developmental edit resolves issues that may prevent you from effectively targeting and inspiring your ideal readers. 


Polish your prose with a thorough grammar check, which includes correcting errors in sentence structure, syntax, tense, word usage, hyphenation, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. Copyediting improves clarity and readability.


Finalize your manuscript with a precise proofread, which corrects minor grammatical and punctuation errors on previously copyedited content.​ 

Manuscript critiques:

Get peace of mind with an assessment of your manuscript. Critiques analyze and examine the overall quality of your work. Critiques provide you with a multi-page action plan, which includes suggestions on how your content can be improved. 

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Content Marketing

Form better connections with your audience using our targeted content marketing strategies. From blog and e-book topic suggestions tailored to your audience’s interests, to comprehensive promotional guides and e-newsletter management, we’ll help you supercharge your marketing efforts in order to gain and maintain your audience’s interest.

Facebook Advertising

Let us help you grow your business with captivating Facebook ads. We’ll handle the ad concept, strategy, and copy in order to effectively advertise your event, product, or service. Get optimal views and conversions, and grow your audience.  

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Shana Murph is a dedicated and experienced professional writer and career editor with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Throughout her exceptional career, Shana has worked for a number of major education and Christian book publishers as an editor and project manager, in addition to maintaining a successful freelance career.

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