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Prepping for the Bookshelf

In Prepping for the Bookshelf, publishing veteran Shana Murph reveals how you can incorporate several tried-and-true publishing strategies into your book development process. There are many ways to self-publish a book and the process can be overwhelming, but learning key techniques will help you plan better and worry less. You will learn how to build your team and develop self-publishing methods you can use repeatedly to publish your most valued works.

Featuring a list of over 200 questions to ask creatives, and a publishing readiness checklist, Prepping for the Bookshelf also teaches you how to:

.Develop a seven-step master plan

  • Learn a variety of book-writing methods and approaches
  • Protect your work and discourage copyright infringement.
  • Educate yourself on the parts of a traditional publishing contract.
  • Build a strong author brand

Second edition coming late 2024.

Editing While Black

Editing While Black takes readers on a transformative journey of self-determination, personal growth, and shifting identity, as the only Black woman editor on staff navigates corporate racism and pivotal life lessons in her career working full-time at book publishing houses.

From her formative years as a shy child growing up in Philadelphia, to the ups and downs of corporate life in Philadelphia and Colorado, every step is a lesson learned and a quest to overcome the challenges of being—the only. In this eloquent and inspiring account, the author’s resilience becomes a guiding light, and each challenge becomes a stepping stone—a testament to the belief that there aren’t any missteps you can’t come back from.

Readers are invited to witness not only the play by play of her editing journey, but to understand how hardship leads to healing, and how every twist of fate can become a powerful realization. Editing While Black is a memoir that challenges the status quo and celebrates the human spirit’s desire to push and move forward.

Release date: February 2024.


Soul Detox

Writing down how you feel can bring clarity, understanding, and perspective.
Sharing everything–your happy thoughts, ideas, observations, anxieties and even painful memories can lead to a more productive and peaceful you. When you stop suppressing, denying, stuffing and dismissing your emotions, you set yourself on a path to becoming unburdened and more self-aware, addressing whatever comes up in your writing.

Meditating everyday, either before or after you write down how you feel, can help reset your mind and ease your anxious or pent up emotions. In this journal, you will explore five phases of processing your emotions in one single day:

• Write how you feel–morning, noon or night
• Note any realizations you may have after prayer and meditation
• Affirm yourself after processing your emotions
• Acknowledge what you’re grateful for
• Celebrate your wins

There is no right or wrong way to go through this journal. Feel free to tackle these phases out of order write according to the natural flow of your average day. Throughout this journal there are Wellness Pro Tips and my own quotes to encourage you along the way. You can even use these as writing prompts.

Writing in this journal everyday or at least once or twice per week will help you decrease stress, increase productivity, and discover a more joyous you. Write your way to a more beautiful day.

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