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Do you perform line editing?

Line editing is when an editor focuses more on how you use language to communicate to your reader and less on the mechanics of grammar. For example, this type of edit points out cliches, overused words, awkward phrasing, ineffective dialogue, etc. Although these aspects of writing are not grammatically wrong per se, poorly constructed content causes your writing to be muddled, unclear, and frustrating to read through.  A line edit is automatically included in both of my developmental editing and copyediting services, but clients can specifically request a line edit if they prefer

What is your process? How do you work?

Clients contact me to discuss what their needs are and to learn if I am a good fit for their project. They can access my calendar to schedule phone appointments. The first appointment is complementary. After a phone consultation or communication via email, I will request a sample of the client’s copy or manuscript, and provide a free sample edit and a cost estimate. If the client wishes to move forward, I will send a contract and discuss payment options and arrangements

What is your payment process? How do I pay you?

After a contract is signed, you will receive an invoice for a down payment, which varies by project. You can pay by credit card or check. I will also send a copy of the signed contract before work begins. Payment plans are available.

How does the editorial process work?

The editorial process mainly consists of three stages: development, copyediting and proofreading. Clients can purchase services individually or they can choose to have their book go through all three stages of editing and request a packaged rate. For optimum results, your book should go through all three stages to ensure that you have a well-developed and well-edited manuscript.

How should I submit my manuscript?

Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word, double spaced, with no tracked changes present. PDFs are also acceptable. Email, WeTransfer or Dropbox can be used to send manuscripts.

Note: PDF submissions are only accepted for proofreading and light copyediting services.

How long does editing take?

Length of time depends on the complexity of the book and number of pages. In general, you should allow at least two weeks for a 200-page book to be copyedited.  

What if I have an emergency and I need my manuscript edited faster than normal?

If accommodation is possible, a rush fee of $250 to $500 will be charged to the client. 

Are you available to speak at conferences or do you teach workshops?

Yes, email me for more information.

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