Shana Murph

Founder / CEO

Shana Murph is a dedicated and experienced professional writer and career editor with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Throughout her exceptional career, Shana has worked for a number of major education publishers as an editor and project manager, in addition to maintaining a successful freelance career.

With areas of specialization that expand throughout the areas of nursing education, and African-American history, culture and spirituality, Shana’s career has been as diverse as it has been successful. With a love for reading and a passion for writing, Shana is constantly researching, verifying, and conducting her due diligence for all of her projects. In fact, her process is something that has helped her grow her career throughout the last two decades.

After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Shana went on to work with a number of different publishers in the industry as a developmental editor, copy editor, proofreader, curriculum writer, and a project manager where she was responsible for supervising a team of editors and creative professionals.

With a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in the inner workings of a publishing company, Shana has taken her knowledge, skills, and experience to her own company that she formed in 2017, Revise and Rewrite Editorial LLC. In keeping with her passion for reading and writing, Shana launched her own company to lend her vast expertise in the form of developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, publishing strategy, and solutions-based consulting.

For Shana, her work at Revise and Rewrite goes beyond the general conventions of simple copyediting and writing; she provides a comprehensive approach to book publishing and publishing strategy that helps authors and organizations strategically position themselves to secure the most sales possible. By working with authors and organizations to understand their target audience, view and utilize advanced metrics related to their market, as well as provide the support that they need to publish their books and secure the best possible return, Shana is effectively helping to groom the next generation of authors.

Throughout all of the services that Shana offers her clients, whether it be helping them determine their target audience or assisting them in delivering a quality product, one thing remains at the very forefront of her approach—she uses her passion to help others achieve their goals.

In Shana’s mind, when authors pay close attention to their readers before they begin writing, they can make the most out of their publishing experience. In other words, the reader should never be an afterthought. Each and every day, Shana works to instill this mindset in her authors to ensure that their books launch successfully and make it into the hands of readers who are seeking a taste of what each author has to offer.

In addition to book development, Shana also offers one-on-one solutions-based coaching, and business-to-business services.

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